SUMO Bags are engineered for strength and high visibility yet are still environmentally responsible .  Even eco-friendly bags as durable as these will totally degrade when exposed to sunlight and oxygen thanks to EPI’s TDPA pioneering technology.  For more info on EPI and TDPA click here.

Sumo Bags are now available in Bright Green for high visibility or Clear for recycling with both options engineered for maximum capacity.

Sumo Deck

Ground Protection / Covering
3 ¾ ft x 8 ft x ¾ inch

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Large Trash Bag

Bright Green Kitchen/Office Trash Bag
58.4cm x 66cm / 23in x 26in / 42L

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Clear Recycling Bag

Clear Quick Tie Recycling Bag 78.8cm x 102cm / 31in x 40in / 120L

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X-Large Trash Bag

Bright Green Quick Tie Garbage Bag
78.8cm x 102cm / 31in x 40in / 120L

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Giant Bin Liners

Bring Green Quick Tie Bin Liners
106.7cm x127cm / 42in x 50in / 270L

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