Sumo Environmental was founded in 2010. Its parent companies American Fabricators and Matrix Productions Services began developing Sumo Bags to fill the increasing demand from the film industry for an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional garbage bags.  They were also made bright green for high visibility so that film crews could easily spot them even at night. With Amfab’s extensive background in the production of plastics and Matrix’s supply chain to the film industry the creation and distribution of the first Sumo Bag shipment was seamless. Since then Sumo Bags have reached a much larger audience, they are currently featured in almost 200 stores North America wide and can be spotted at Music Festivals, Golf Courses, and Community Events across the continent. The iconic “Sumo Green” of Sumo Bags has become synonymous with quality and environmental responsibility.

Benefits of TDPA®

The major use of single use plastics is as packaging. Many such products, particularly film products, are contaminated by the food or other products that they contain and are currently impractical to recycle or they are intended as containers for other waste materials. As a result, most of this is destined for landfills, unfortunately as litter and increasingly to compost facilities.