Sumo Deck

Ground Protection / Covering
3 ¾ ft x 8 ft x ¾ inch

After months of research and development, Sumo Environmental Products and Matrix Production Services are happy to launch SUMODECK to the Vancouver film industry.  SUMODECK is the environmentally friendly alternative to plywood. It is made from recycled materials and is also lighter than ¾ inch plywood and lighter than anything on the market. We created a narrower design featuring hand grips to make it easier to move, and have kept all your needs in mind by talking with numerous industry professionals to address all of their concerns.  The best thing about it is you don’t have to be a Sumo wrestler to lift it!

SUMODECK is great to use for turf and ground protection, especially when your film unit moves all of your work trucks into a location. If your vehicles require unique access you can quickly install a temporary road as SUMODECK allows superb traction and gives you access over all types of ground conditions like sand, mud, and grassy areas. SUMODECK will save you time and labour getting vehicles, lifts and specialized equipment over difficult terrain.  It is designed to withstand extreme temperatures and can be used in any weather condition.   SUMODECK will not crack or break.  Using SUMODECK can help eliminate damage to sensitive grass areas and roadways, and also contribute to lowering your films environmental impact.  The dimensions for this product is 3 ¾ ft x 8 ft x ¾ inch.